Surf Fast & Surf Precise | Mick Fanning's Signature Performance Traction Pad

Who doesn't love Mick? He surfs fast, precise and loose. He surfs with a purpose. We'll never get tired of watching him tear into a section. It's a joy being able to collaborate with Mick on his signature performance traction pads year after year. 

His 2019 pad is designed with lightning speed surfing in mind, cuz who doesn't love going fast? No die cut holes provide reliable all-over traction. Features include a 7mm Tear-Drop Arch, our Square Loc traction pattern and a 28mm Table Top Kick so you can nestle your back foot right into place when your performing maneuvers. 

A few months back, Mick made the trip over to HQ in Western Australia. Almost immediately after landing he booked it down south. There was waves, the wind was non-existent and the sun was shining. Mick tossed on a few of his new signature performance traction pads and got after it. It was a joy day in WA and we're glad to have spent it with Mick!


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