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When Creatures’ new head of product & brand Beau Campi first came on board we sat down and looked at our offering to see if there were any gaps. While there were high-performance surf leashes in SUPERLITE and the straight-forward value of our ICON series, something was missing. We wanted a rock-solid middle option that used the best premium materials in a tried and tested construction. RELIANCE was born - leashes you can depend on to keep you connected with your board surf after surf after surf.



They feature next-level benefits, like moulded velcro to keep things lighter and stronger around your ankle, a non-slip cuff to make sure everything stays comfortably in place, and our patented DNA Flex Mould, which solves the age-old issue of leashes breaking where the cord and swivel meet. 


RELIANCE surf leashes build on decades of engineering that started with Creatures’ founder John Malloy when he first pioneered urethane as the ultimate surf leash cord. He then went on to invent the world’s first stainless steeling bearing swivel that wouldn’t seize up in saltwater. Both are still used today as the global standard. 


Now, there’s a new generation of reliability when it comes to surf leashes. 


When we dropped the very first delivery into our local Boardstore, the guys there were stoked, saying

“When a customer asks for a leash we now reach for a RELIANCE Pro 6 without even thinking. It's like the Land Cruiser of legropes - comfortable and you know it's going to go the distance.

This coming from crew who do nothing but live and breathe surf hardware day after day (just like us) was extra satisfying. 


RELIANCE surf leashes are available in a range of lengths and thicknesses to suit all wave types, from the 5ft long/5mm thick Grom cord, all the way to a 12ft long/9mm thick big wave beast. To check out the full range of options and pick out what’s best for you, head here.


Or, to deep dive into all the RELIANCE surf leash features and what they do, see below. 

RELIANCE Surf Leash Benefits


Flexible yet incredibly strong. The DNA Flex Mould has a patented scallop join, which adds extra surface area to the connection between cord and swivel. This results in a 47% stronger connection than normal designs. The cutout sections which give the mould its ‘helix’ look also keep things flexible without compromising the integrity of the cord. Superior strength in a design that still allows stretch. 


Creatures’ John Malloy pioneered urethane as the “ultimate original cord” material - now the standard worldwide. We continue that legacy with our extruded TPU. A new benchmark in strength and integrity.

Creatures of Leisure DNA


A permanently upright pull tab that’s easy to grab in an emergency. Creatures SureFire Release offers you extra confidence that you’ll be able to take the leash off when you need to. The hydrodynamic design also results in less drag than other options.  


Just like the name suggests, our Non-slip Cuff stays comfortably on your ankle without rotating from side to side. Spongy, light and super secure. 


Flexible, thin, strong. The special moulded hooks on this cuff form a tight Velcro bond while staying super light and comfortable around your ankle.


A long-lasting swivel that won’t seize up in saltwater. The Dual SS Bearing Swivel is a Creatures invention that has long been industry standard around the world. You’re welcome. 


Creatures’ industry-leading leash warranty means when we say it’s reliable we mean it. Feel confident knowing your gear will last surf after surf, trip after trip. 


To view the whole Reliance surf leash range and get a new piece of equipment you can depend on, head to our leash selector here.

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