Support Your Local Surf Shop

Nothing quite compares to the experience of visiting your favorite local surf shop. It provides a special place for surfers to support the community and talk story with friends and neighbours. Whether you’re a grom grabbing wax for your next session or a local legend scooping up a new quiver for your Indo boat trip, supporting your local surf shop is part of the very fabric that makes being a surfer so unique.

 We think our local surf shops all over the country are super important for a number of reasons – they provide employment…often to young local crew, students and sometimes the old salty locals too, they showcase products so you can touch and feel them while getting personalised product knowledge, they provide the opportunity for you to buy a broad range of equipment and more in one place, and most importantly they play an integral part in generating the vibrant surf vibe in the community we love.
 We also recognise that sometimes people shop online – and we’re cool with that too which is why we’re so stoked about our new program. When shopping online at, you can now choose to reward your local surf shop.
Simply choose your shop before you enter the checkout process and we'll give them a percentage of your purchase from our online store.
 Thanks for the continued support and for helping us pay tribute to the surf shops that put us on the map!

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