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Why SUPERLITE are our best surf leashes yet...

Creatures SUPERLITE Leashes have been hailed by the likes of STAB as:

“...the most slick, low-profile, durable yet slim, comfortable but rugged leashes we can remember wrapping around our cankles.”

So what makes SUPERLITE the height of performance when it comes to being light, comfortable and strong? Here we take a look at how Creatures SUPERLITE injects over three decades of testing and innovation into our best surf leashes yet. It all comes down to breaking down the important elements and building in features that speak to what you want in a surf leash. These include...


A 3D-moulded joining plate in the leash means an ultra-strong connection between cuff & cord with invisible comfort around your Achilles and ankle.


Flexible yet incredibly strong. The DNA Flex Mould has a patented scallop join which adds extra

surface area to the connection between cord and swivel. Superior strength in a design that still allows stretch.


Specially developed for lightweight strength and abrasion resistance. Our WT1 Welded Mesh is also water-resistant to further reduce weight while surfing without compromising durability.


A permanently upright tab that’s easy to grab in an emergency. Creatures SureFire Release offers extra confidence that you’ll be able to take the leash off when you need to.


Spongy, light and super secure. Just like the name suggests, our Non-slip Cuff stays comfortably on your ankle without rotating from side to side.


Creatures founder John Malloy was the first to use urethane as the “ultimate original cord” material - now the standard worldwide. We continue that legacy with our extruded TPU. A new benchmark in strength and integrity.


This long-lasting swivel won’t seize up in saltwater. The Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel is a Creatures invention that has long been industry standard around the world. You’re welcome.


Flexible, thin, strong. The special moulded hooks on this cuff form a tight Velcro bond while staying super light and comfortable around your ankle.


Creatures industry-leading leash warranty means when we say it’s reliable we mean it. Feel confident knowing your gear will last surf after surf, trip after trip.

Of course, different conditions require different leash lengths and thicknesses. So, we’ve built the SUPERLITE range to reflect that. If you’re looking to match up your next leash with what you need most, here’s an easy guide.

To shop all the SUPERLITE styles and get yourself the best surf leashes we’ve been able to design yet, head here

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