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Boards? Check! Wetsuits? Check! A good idea of where you’re going? Maybe. While those things are generally a given, here are a few things you might forget and kick yourself on your next surf road trip…


Strap your boards down tight, create a makeshift clothesline when camping, double up as a tow rope if you get really stuck. Pack those tie-downs.

Multi-Purpose Surf Bucket

Stash wet wetties, use as a camp sink, or throw ice in for a few cold tinnies - a versatile, packable wetty bucket could be your new best friend.

A Day Use Cover

If you’re taking a full quiver on the road, you probably have them in a coffin cover. Don’t forget that reliable Day Use option for quick-strike missions. 

Reliable Leashes

There’s not much worse than having a leash ping in the middle of nowhere without a spare. Check for fin cuts and if you need a backup, head here.


Heyyyyy mate? Could I borrow some wax? Don’t be that guy in the camp. Stock up on the right wax for the water temp. Get wax here

Fin Keys & Leash Strings

Don’t be that guy begging in the car park because you forgot these tiny but important essentials. We tie both together in this handy little hookup.

Sun Cream

Another item people forget all the time (or don’t take enough of) is sun cream. Creatures’ don’t sell it but we’re sure one of our stockists near you does, click here to find one.

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